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In 100 Years, What Will Your Legacy Be?

Hunter Ballew has grown organizations to tens of millions in revenue. I’ve built online communities of over 100k members. And I’ve led retreats, masterminds, and conferences across the nation. Now, I’m revealing the secrets to my success in my new book, Make it Count. Things like...
  • How to thrive in all aspects of life – mind, body, family, and business.
  • How to set ambitious goals... and surpass them.
  • How to lead with integrity and purpose, leaving only a legacy behind.
If you have been beating your head against the wall trying to grow your company and increase the valuation so you can move towards an exit... Consulting for Equity may be your best option. Hunter doesn't take paid one-on-one clients but he does partner with companies to grow their company and exit. If this makes sense for your situation... click the link below.

Barriers Are
Meant To Be Broken

You know that little voice in your head? The voice that’s loaded with limiting beliefs and fear of failure? Well, it’s a liar. The truth about success is...
  • You DON’T have to be born into wealth.
    If you have grit, you’ve got what it takes to create an empire.
  • It’s NOT all about money.
    It’s about building a fulfilling business and a long-lasting legacy. 
  • You DON’T have to do it alone.
    There’s a community of like-minded entrepreneurs out there ready to offer support.
I’m living proof. And so are my clients.


Impact-Driven Entrepreneur. Legacy-Focused Leader. Dedicated Mentor.
Hunter Ballew is a US Marine turned Full-Time Firefighter and EMT turned serial entrepreneur, speaker & consultant to thousands. He has founded & exited many companies that have done tens of millions in revenue and exited for multiple-8 figures.

A few of the companies he has founded, partnered with or invested in are -, FUELED, RepCard, Guestio, West Broad Apparel, Cornerstone Construction & more.

Hunter is on a mission to help develop millions of leaders who go on to change the lives of billions.Through speaking events, his new book, and more, he empowers high-performing business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to realize their leadership potential and secure their legacies.

I’ve Helped THOUSANDS Of Entrepreneurs... And Counting

The Best Investment You’ll Ever Make... an investment in yourself. Skyrocket your personal and professional growth when you tap into my portfolio, including:

The Ultimate Guide To Leveling Up Your Legacy

Step into your role as a legacy-focused leader with my new book, Make It Count. I reveal exactly how I achieved my success AND give you the practical steps and exercises that real-world entrepreneurs use to build extraordinary legacies.

The Elite Community For Hungry Entrepreneurs

A leading program for business owners that focuses on personal, professional, and physical growth, REVOLT empowers high-performers to achieve prosperity in all areas of life. Unlock unrivaled networking opportunities, exclusive access to expert training, and your true potential when you join the Revolt family.

The Revolt Experience

After this 3 Day Retreat you will leave more inspired than you've ever been. Renewed focus on health, wealth, growth, faith, relationships, legacy and more. Not only will you receive training that's responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue but you will be able to network with the men that lead those companies. As always, if you don't feel it was worth it you don't pay a penny. 

The Single App That Supercharges Your Sales

Trusted by over 77k users worldwide, RepCard is a powerful app that helps you build your reputation, capture more leads, and close more deals. This is not your grandpa’s Rolodex. It’s the future of doing business.

Push Yourself Personally, Professionally & Physically

You can’t always control outcomes, but your input towards those outcomes are 100% in your hands. Fearless 44 is a powerful 44 Day Challenge consisting of 8 daily tasks to build momentum and growth in your mind, body, and legacy.

The Easiest Way To Increase Your Income & Impact

Your audience wants to hear from an entrepreneur that doesn’t just talk about leadership and empowerment – they want to hear from someone who lives it. That’s Hunter. Inspire your podcast listeners, event attendees, and community members to embrace major life changes when you book Hunter as a speaker. A leader who has grown multiple 8 Figure Businesses and trained thousands.

Why Work With Hunter?

My Signature Approach.

No gimmicks. No quick fixes. Just authentic, credible mentorship with the strategies I've used to make tens of millions of dollars and change the lives of thousands.

Thousands Of Glowing Reviews.

From real people just like you. I won't try to sell you on "picking" me. You can check out podcasts, video reviews & even my RepCard account to see the amount of people I've helped and what they have to say.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Not happy? Don’t pay a penny. Just don't ask to work together again because I know for a fact what we'll cover works.   

What People Are Saying About Hunter

Jeremy Bouknight

Hunter brings encouragement and energy to any situation he’s in! That combined with his humility and integrity make him someone I truly couldn’t speak higher of!

Cadogan Price

I can’t say enough about the man Hunter is. He is such an incredible light with a deep understanding of connection. He has been an inspiration and I am grateful to call him a friend! He is a special human!

Travis Bozeman

Being new to this industry it’s very encouraging to see that there are others like Hunter with high morals and integrity. We have found this to be scarce as most local contractors as well as big names are all concerned with the bottom dollar and don’t care about the customer or who they step on if it makes them money. I really appreciate Hunters morals, integrity, and willingness to give back and hope others in the industry will follow. I know I will!!

Scott Ricks

I have known Hunter for years. One of the most truly caring men I have met. Genuinely wants to help people. He has helped me grow as a leader as business owner and as a man. I love this guy and you will also.

Patrick Blandine

Hunter is always a person you can count on. Goes above and beyond to help people in need.

Jordan Desbien

Words can’t begin to describe how much value hunter has brought to my life. That value has bled over into my role as a husband, as a father, as an employer, as a friend, as a leader, as a follower, I honestly couldn’t point to every area that he has effected. I am forever changed because I met hunter. Because I chose to let him lead me. Because he answered what I believe to be a call of God on his life. Thank you Hunter, from the bottom of my heart. My legacy will be better because of you.

Jonathan Sherwood

Hunter Ballew is the real deal! This industry has been groaning for leaders of what is right and not followers of what is wrong to rise up and influence, Hunter has done just that. His take and drive on Legacy has made a foundational impact in the roofing world around him including myself. If you haven’t connect with this man and his team you are truly missing out.

Benny Fisher

Hunter is one of the great young leaders in America. His leadership and motivation to be better and leave a legacy is contagious. Everyone should have a little Hunter in their life!

Joseph Hughes

Hunter is one of the biggest thinkers I know, and also one of the most generous people I've ever met. Warning: spending time with him will cause you to dream bigger, take more action, and live a fuller life :-)

Ryan Belue

Hunter’s name needs to be inked in under the word Leadership in the dictionary. Can’t say enough great things about this man. He knows how to bring the best out of people even when they don’t even know it themselves. Cares about others more than himself, leads by example not by words. I am blessed to call this man my friend!

Daniel Zavodney

Hunter’s vision and dedication to improving himself and those around him has positively impacted many lives. I wouldn’t be where I am today as a leader without his leadership.

Eric Richardson

I can't say enough about this man. Every day he ceases to amaze me with his generosity and conviction for making an impact on so many individuals. Some people make a mission statement just for their profile but very few live the words. Hunter is in every way his mission statement and goes beyond what it stands for.

Joshua Morton

Hunter represents what winning looks like in all aspects of life. Relentless entrepreneur, selfless friend and dedicated father & husband.

Logan Hutchins

Hunter has always had a passion to help others, but also to teach others to help theirselves. His mission in life is to create more leaders and he’s off to a great start! Hunter genuinely wants everyone to succeed, which is a rare quality in the world of business. I’m proud to know him and grateful for all he’s taught me.

Jenn Campbell

Hunter is not just a temporary motivator, he is truly an inspiration. He puts is money where is mouth is. He has inspired me to break away from my comfort zone and pushed me to connect with others that maybe I wouldn’t have. This has been a positive catalyst in my company.

Jimmy Coleman

Hunter is a winning horse. I would bet on him any day. He is never comfortable being in a friendship or business relationship where he has contributed less than the other person. Initially, I was hired to consult Hunter's team 2 years ago and ever since we have connected each other to life-changing business opportunities and have had tons of fun in the process. If you want to win and have fun doing it find way to stay close to this guy.

Brandon Allen

Hunter was a catalyst for a massive shift in my mindset which lead to positive changes in my relationships, family, business, and my spirituality. Meeting Hunter has been a pivotal event in my life. He’s got a warrior spirit combined with the heart of a saint. This man will go down in history as one of the greats and I’m honored to be associated with him.

Searching for a speaker that will give real actionable steps for transformation & challenge your audience to execute on it?

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